Book Review – One Small Spark by Jackie Minniti

One Small SparkIf I could give more than five stars to a book, I would definitely give them to One Small Spark by Jackie Minniti. This book is beautifully written and rich in history and character development as well. The Pembroke family, through fictional characters, give credibility to the story of our nation’s history through the eyes of young Benjamin and his twin sister Abby.

The author has also included a glossary of terms used in this time frame and extensive information in the Afterword portion of the book.  Ms. Minnitti also includes historical information about the real individuals she used at critical times in the story. The fiction and nonfictional portions of this book were woven together so beautifully, it was as though I were living through that experience myself.

In a time when our children need to know and understand what was sacrificed to gain our freedoms, this is a perfect read not only for the classroom, but to put in the hands of our children. Since the chapters are short, it would appeal to younger readers, but the content makes it a book that could be enjoyed by any age.  I highly recommend this book to young and old alike.

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