Jupiter Storm – Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2018

Jupiter StormIn Jupiter Storm by Marti Dumas published by Plum Street Press, we are introduced to a ten-year-old budding scientist named Jacquelyn Marie Johnson. Jackie enjoys taking care of the plants in the front yard and the wildness of the unattended backyard. 

When the story opens, Jackie is calling her five rambunctious brothers in from outside by delivering a stern look that reminds them to wash their hands. After receiving some snapdragons from her Great Aunt Mamie seal, she took great care to make sure they thrived in their new environment. Jackie discovers a “chrysalegg” (not a chrysalis or egg) on one of the snapdragons and the story begins.

As the “chrysalegg” grows, she becomes more obsessed with it and ends up bringing it into the house where she can observe it. Her mother thinks it might be a malformed monarch butterfly inside the chrysalegg with the strange orange spot. Jackie keeps a very close eye on it until it magically transforms into something very special indeed. 

There are so many surprises in this story. I thoroughly enjoyed going through every stage of Jackie’s journey. With the help of her young brother Sam, she is able to bring something amazing into her backyard weed garden where it can feast on aphids.

Marti Dumas utilized many science terms in the creation of this manuscript which sent me scurrying to my Science for Children books for clarification. I applaud the way she inserted these terms gently like a pinch of herbs to add spice to the story.

Also, while watching for the surprise, keep an eye on the bottom of the pages for tiny illustrations much like the ones Jackie illustrates on her own.

In addition, Jackie and her classmates have an obsession with the creation of paper dolls. Marti Dumas has added a page just for this on her website http://www.MartiDumasBooks.com.

I recommend this book for older students who are ready for the scientific words and a great adventure. 

It is available through Amazon.com  http://amzn.to/2BorRAN

and Barnes and Noble.com  http://bit.ly/2n94KVR

Marti Dumas

Marti Dumas is a children’s book author who loves ancient oak trees and watching thunderstorms from the shelter of a good front porch despite having spent many years navigating the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, gazing at snowscapes in quiet New England towns, carrying baguettes through the streets of Paris, and trying to spot dolphins off Florida’s First Coast. Luckily she and her family have returned to New Orleans where there are oak trees, thunderstorms, and porches aplenty. Downside: her children beg for beignets daily.




3 thoughts on “Jupiter Storm – Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2018

  1. This looks wonderful! My daughter is only one, but I am already thinking about how I want her reading diverse books about girl scientists! 🙂


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