AIWAW Review: Gianna the Treasure Hunter


Other Worlds

Gianna the Treasure Hunter by Becky Villareal


I didn’t have access to a blurb before I started Gianna the Treasure Hunter, and I have to admit the title threw me a little. I was expecting an adventure story and was initially a bit disappointed by the opening chapters, which revolved around a school project and didn’t evoke much tension.

However, the story evolved into a child’s-eye exploration of memory, culture and immigration stories.

Writing style

The prose is accessible but less confident children might be put off by some of the more complex words (although genealogy is helpfully spelled out) and the scattering of other languages, including French and Choctaw.

It’s one of the strengths of the books, though, that it avoids dumbing-down and actively writes up for the audience. There are minor typos here and there (a missing apostrophe) but in general this is well written.



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