A Busy Little “G”

What a busy year it has been for Gianna and me.  We have traveled to several states and multiple cities to share writing, genealogy, and the joys of family history.

IMG_0760It began with the Dallas Book Festival given by the Dallas Public Library in downtown.  The Society of Book Writers and Illustrators was invited to be part of a celebration of what the library has to offer as well as authors and their books. It was a treat to see so many families take part in this and enjoy the day with us.

IMG_0036We also went to Sewell and Bradfield Elementary here in our hometown of Garland. Having Author’s visits at these campuses in Garland ISD was such a treat. We were able to share genealogy, writing tips, and the joy of family history all at one time. With the emphasis on writing skills, it was a joy to share our expertise.

IMG_0752We also celebrated at a Family Literacy Night at Jerry Junkins Elementary in Dallas ISD. As a guest author, we were able to share our stories and our experiences with multiple groups.  What fun we had that evening.

When Red River County Genealogical Society asked us to visit them, we couldn’t say no. What a great way to spend time with the members and share ideas about how to bring family members together in search of family history.  The beautiful buildings in downtown Clarksville were worth the drive. Be sure to bring a camera!

IMG_20170606_102509903The Choctaw County Genealogical Society was our next stop.  The Choctaw County Library is a child’s wonderland in a circus theme. We had two great days together where we were able to work with their Summer Reading Program as well.

Lucky Dog BooksThe next few months are going to be just as busy with a visit to the Cedar Hill Library July 14th, the Franklin County Genealogical Society July 17th, and a presentation and book signing at Lucky Dog Books at their great new location in Casa Linda Shopping Center on July 22nd.

It looks like Gianna and I are going to have a very busy 2018. We have already received invitations for all kinds of venues.  Gianna, the Treasure Hunter, will be joining her sister books very soon, Gianna the Great and Halito Gianna will welcome her on their genealogical journeys.

We want to thank everyone who invited us to their gatherings. We welcome invitations to come and share and look forward to meeting new friends.

Yakoke, Gracias, Thank you!  Gianna & Becky

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4 thoughts on “A Busy Little “G”

  1. Hi I met you at Half Price books and mentioned Celina eiementsry needed books Mrs Hale is the librarian school opens Sept 23 she would appreciate any books Celina phone 469/743-9103 thank you so much and so. nice to meet you Sharon Liles Charlotte Cawlfield’s grandmother Many thanks


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