Rey Antonio and Rey Feo

rey-antonioThe day I attended the Lassoing Literacy event put on the Society of Book Writers and Illustrator in Dallas, Texas, I was privileged to sit beside Kena Soto.  Kena is the author of Rey Antonio and Rey Feo a book centered around the fiestas in San Antonio.

Below please find a copy of my review of her book currently available on at

Rey Alexander and Rey Feo is the story of two boys who attend a fiesta in San Antonio, Texas.  Not only is the story a wonderful peek into the lives of this family, it also shares the information of the events that surround this event that takes place once a year.

As the story opens, Antonio is discussing the fiesta with his younger brother Rey who will be experiencing this for the first time.  As they began their day, Antonio teases his brother by stating he will be “Rey Antonio,” King Antonio and Rey will be “Rey Feo,” ugly king.

The thing I enjoyed about this book, was the simplicity in which Kena Sosa shows the family relationship as they all enjoy the fiesta.  The story not only shares information about fiestas in San Antonio but the vocabulary of the things they will see and do. 

The illustrations are friendly and colorful and lend themselves to the excitement of the story, and the text itself is in English and Spanish.  I would recommend this book for a bilingual classroom or a homeschooling situation where a second language is being taught. 


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