Did I Marry My Cousin?

When I met my husband, it was like going home. We’d been friends a long time, and that added to the ease in our relationship. However, when his family mentioned that his grandmother’s maiden name, Enriquez, was the same as my own, I was astonished.

valentina-enriquez-birthEnriquez is not a common name and cannot be found in most history books except the ones written in Spanish. I have, however, found the Enriquez name by perusing through Baptismal and Marriage Records out of Mexico. These have been made available only recently through Family Search and Ancestry.com.

The records are in Spanish and sometimes the writing is difficult to read. But the excitement I have felt when discovering tangible evidence of the existence of an ancestor can only be topped by finding out the sex of an unborn child. That may sound strange but is very true especially to genealogists. I equate being a family genealogist hunting for treasure. It is just as exciting and intriguing.

Treasure chest

Sorry to say, I have yet to find out how far back my husband’s family and mine intertwined. Quite honestly, it might go back as far as King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. But the search continues as diligently as if there were a chest of gold somewhere under the Royal Oak in my back yard. Happy treasure hunting!


9 thoughts on “Did I Marry My Cousin?

  1. This actually happened to me as well. I been so busy with my tree I never really developed my husband’s beyond his 3x great grandmother. Out of the blue someone contacted me about his tree and had a lot of information that i didn’t have. When I plugged it into ancestry i started getting hints then followed a line in his tree which was easy to trace and 8 generations back i see the last name “Kidder”, which is one of my lines. I check to see who she was and the common ancestor. It turned out my mother-in-law have the same 8x great grandfather. Small world. Looks like some of his lines have been marring into some of my lines for a long time. But this was the only direct ancestor in common. Thanks for sharing your story. I suppose it could happen to anyone.

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