A Little Bit of Kindness

One thing I learned as a child was how to show kindness and consideration for others.  This was a part of my upbringing and has served me well through the years.

In the book THE LONG MARCH, written by Marie Louise Fitzpatrick, Ms. Fitzpatrick shows how gracious and generous the Choctaw people could be.  “This deeply moving work quietly and effectively underscores the drama and pathos of a little-known historical episode. In 1847 the Choctaw, themselves impoverished, raised $170 (the equivalent of more than $5ooo today) to aid the Irish, then in the throes of the great potato famine.”-Publishers Weekly.  I could not have said this better. It’s a wonderful book beautifully written and illustrated.

This deep kindness of the Choctaw people is further illustrated in the video ISABELLE’S GARDEN where a young girl helps her community.  Jeffrey Palmer, the filmmaker, states, “old traditions, it turns out, can help us create a better present and future.”

In other words, the kindness of the people still goes on to this very day.  My blood quantum may only be minuscule, but I am very proud to be even a tiny part Choctaw.

ISABELLE’S GARDEN can be viewed on http://to.pbs.org/22QZXqM




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