Where Do I Belong?


When I went to school the kids were either white or Hispanic.  It wasn’t until years later when I went to high-school that I was introduced to other races as well.   However, in my journey through life I still struggled with this dilemma, where do I belong?  I never found a place in “white” society like all white parties, churches, or schools.

I finally found I felt more at home among the Hispanic people I grew up with as the daughter of missionaries who worked with the Braceros in McKinney, Texas.  Even though I found my comfort zone, I have seen my children struggle with the exact same issues.

I suppose the answer lies in maturing and realizing the importance of individuality.  God made each of us different.  It’s just a matter of accepting those facets of our backgrounds and personality that make us unique not only in the eyes of the Lord but in the eyes of those who truly love us.  Multigirl1.png

In a way, I guess I should feel very special even though I am “neither fish, flesh, nor fowl” just me.  As I have said to my children and grandchildren, “You are a pretty special kiddo!”




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