Back to My Roots

I love learning about family history not only my own which includes the Enriquez, Mullins, and Knight family but my husband’s family as well.  I had taken off some time from working on genealogy to enjoy writing my “Gianna the Great” series.

Then we went to the State Fair of Texas and at the Women’s Building there was a wonderful photographic exhibit of Little Mexico an area of Dallas where my husband grew up.  It was being presented by “St Ann’s Alumni and Friends of Little Mexico”. Just looking at the pictures brought back such wonderful memories of friends and family and experiences that cannot be duplicated.Little Mexico

One of the docents was the wife of a cousin, Tommie Villareal.  After talking to her for short while my passion for genealogy was reignited. I rushed right home to get back into research.  From all the information I found so far, and it is massive, the Villareal and Enriquez families are Sephardic Jews and can now apply for Spanish citizenship, imagine that?  There is still so much more to learn and I can hardly wait.

Gianna is still by my side getting ideas left and right for our next adventure.  In the meantime, we’re waiting for “Halito Gianna” to find a home.  We think it’s even better than our first journey.



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