What Happened at My First Book Signing

Book SigningWell, my book signing has come and gone.  I must admit, I was more nervous to do this than when I presented at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Conference in Toronto.   For some reason, sitting at a table trying to sell my book seemed a little like a nightmare.

In fact, I had a horrible nightmare the night before about that very thing.  In my dream I had lost all the copies of my books and couldn’t find any pens!

The actual signing was much better than that nightmare (thank the Lord).  I had the foresight to read articles written by other writers who had already had their own book signings.  That was the best thing I could have done. From reading what they experienced,  I was able to tweak their ideas and add a few of my own like taking my family quilts.

I printed off copies of family tree templates, flyers, cards, bookmarks, and bought a huge bag of Hershey’s kisses.  Who can resist those?  Anyway, since Gianna the Great is about a young girl in search of her genealogical background, I would show the passing children a copy of a family tree template and ask, “What do you know about your family?”  Most would shrug or fill in the blanks for me.  Whenever they reached their grandparents, I would ask,”What are their names?”  The answers were usually ,”Gampa or Nini,” or some such nickname.  That’s when I would hand the parents the flyer and say, “This is why I wrote this book.  So children can ask their grandparents questions about their names and memories before they are gone.”

Some people would smile and thank me politely.  Some would ask more information about the book or about genealogy records.  Some would actually buy a book or two for their children or their grandchildren.  Everyone would leave with some candy and a thank you.  I even got a few hugs.

I am so glad I did this no matter how frightened I was of the prospect. I met a lot of wonderful people and made some new friends.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Thanks Half Price Books for giving me this opportunity.



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